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“Joey is a passionate marketer with a compelling vision.”

— Brooke Paul, Founder of Founders Factory, CEO of Taivara, Managing Partner of Capital Informatics


“If you are in the media and / or creative sector and looking for an individual to help your organization succeed, you should meet and speak with Joey.”

— Rich Grunenwald, CEO of Advisory and Consulting Services LLC


Stuck on a project?

As a consultant, I’ve directed the marketing for startups and non-profits, maximized the value of product launches for international businesses, and redeveloped the marketing strategies for organizations in multiple industries. I’ve driven social advertising, email, pr/web, provided expert advice on music and media licensing for mid-sized companies, and led hundreds of events. Let’s talk about your project.

As a speaker, I’ve advocated for economic development strategies, and shared ideas on music industry, marketing, and startups at conferences like SXSW, Canadian Music Week, TEDx, Startup Week, and Independents Day Music Festival. I’ve been brought in by institutions like the Katowice Cultural Institute, The Ohio State University, Capital University, Oberlin College, Arts and Preparatory Academy, and GROOVE U for student and community development opportunities.

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By phone, I’ve supported non-profit filings, helped create marketing strategies, tweak digital advertising campaigns, finalize media licensing contracts, provide input on major events, and plan CD release strategies with touring musicians.

“Joey, the more you help to bring your community together the stronger it will become. You are affecting change and making the world a better place!”

— Linda Lorence Critelli, VP of Writers/Publishers at SESAC, National Trustee of The Recording Academy