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I help small businesses launch marketing strategies that work.

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“Joey is a passionate marketer with a compelling vision.”

— Brooke Paul, Founder of Founders Factory, CEO of Taivara, Managing Partner of Capital Informatics

Case Studies


Reinventing the digital marketing strategy to optimize marketing budget and event series sales during peak season.

A strategic, multi-channel marketing overhaul helped a non-profit organization and events producer improve customer engagement and increase ticket sales, while lowering their seasonal cost of marketing and promotions.


Building brand influence to attract and retain customers, while engaging new partnerships.

Applying Cialdini’s Principles of Influence to restructure the overall marketing operations of a restaurant, including social calendar, email campaigns, and customer review platforms led to an increase in brand following, an attraction of new customers, and improved, reliable marketing processes for retaining existing customers.


Researching customer needs to improve online sales without sacrificing traditional company heritage or cannibalizing existing sales.

Through primary research of retail clients for an international leather manufacturer and distributor, client needs were matched with a non-traditional, low-cost, CRM platform that was redeveloped for specific B2B use, unlocking new sales potential. The end result? A jolt in online sales created by a stronger buying experience that showcased products, company culture, and reduced client purchase time.

“Joey, you are affecting change and making the world a better place!”

— Linda Lorence Critelli, VP of Writers/Publishers at SESAC, National Trustee of The Recording Academy




“If you are in the creative sector and looking for an individual to help your organization succeed — meet and speak with Joey.”

— Rich Grunenwald, CEO of Advisory and Consulting Services LLC