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“Joey is a passionate marketer with a compelling vision. I’m honored to have worked with him in helping Columbus leverage its vibrant music community.”

— Brooke Paul, Founder of Founders Factory, CEO of Taivara, Managing Partner of Capital Informatics

“Joey, the more you help to bring your community together the stronger it will become. You are affecting change and making the world a better place!”

— Linda Lorence Critelli, VP of Writers/Publishers at SESAC, National Trustee of The Recording Academy

“If you are in the communications, media, and / or creative sector and looking for a an individual to help your organization succeed, you should meet and speak with Joey.”

— Rich Grunenwald, CEO of Advisory and Consulting Services LLC

Recent Work

Panel Moderator
Booking Management
Media / Supervision
Digital Marketing
Music and Event Management
Marketing Research and Development
Digital Marketing
Marketing Consultant
Digital Marketing
Marketing and Event Management
Digital Marketing
Marketing and Event Management
Music and Event Management
Non-Profit Management
Non-Profit Consultant
Grant Recipient
Restaurants: I’ve worked with Donatos on music programs, pr, and built the digital booking system for their arts district location in Columbus, Ohio. I’ve supported the marketing strategy, pr, email, social, and event promotions for Copious, a popular restaurant in downtown Columbus, Ohio. Early in my career, I worked with countless restaurants and bars to create live music programs and open mics that helped them attract new customers.

Retail: I also consulted for Bosca Accessories, a global leather and fashion manufacturer and distributor, in a marketing research role, to help develop and implement a CRM and sales platform that significantly improved their online sales, without cannibalizing their retail sales. I also worked with Stauf’s Coffee, Short North Coffee, Experience Columbus Gift Shop, Teh Ku Tea, Royal Factory, Simply Vague, Mission Coffee, and more than 15 other retailers in Columbus on community engagement strategies.

Non-Profits: I served as the Interim Marketing Director for Jazz Arts Group, the longest running jazz organization in the country. I served on the board of City Music Columbus. I’m a member of the King Arts Complex Marketing Committee, and has been an advisor to Columbus Love, Women United, and other young non-profits. I’m also a board member of Columbus Songwriters Association, was a delegate of the Music Cities Convention, and has raised funds to support the music community in Columbus, Ohio through How To Build A Music City and the Columbus Music Commission.

Startups: I developed the marketing strategy, brand, and promotions to launch a 21,000 square foot music venue and restaurant, called Notes. I created How To Build A Music City, and led the 12 month community launch of the Columbus Music Commission. I’ve worked with music technology and media startups like Greenline Creative, Frettie and On The Couch Music. and I led the fundraising and launch of Local Music Shelf. Early in my career, I also developed and launched Perch, a ride share app.

Events: I’ve organized and promoted over 200 events, including How To Build A Music City, a music panel that partnered with Experience Columbus, Greater Columbus Arts Council, The Ohio State University Barnett Center, GROOVE U, SESAC, Music Dealers, CD1025, WCBE, Independents Day Music Festival, Garden Theatre, Gateway Film Center, Bell Tree Productions, and others. How To Build A Music City was selected out of 4600 panels to be presented at SXSW in 2016.


I’m a marketing consultant with a decade of unique experiences working alongside companies in retail, fashion, non profits, restaurants, music startups, venues, festivals, and musicians across the country.

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I’ve shared ideas on music, marketing, and startups as a speaker at The Ohio State University, Oberlin College, GROOVE U, ACPA, and at conferences like SXSW, Canadian Music Week, Startup Week, Independents Day Music Festival, and the Katowice Cultural Institute.

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By phone, I’ve supported non-profit filings, helped create and tweak marketing strategies, fixed digital advertising campaigns for major events, and created CD release strategies with touring musicians. If you have doubts about your current marketing, my phone consultation is a lean way to find solutions, fast.

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